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Pikmin 17 by Dominosaur Pikmin 17 :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 146 39 Sonic Logic by Dominosaur Sonic Logic :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 209 26 Catching Snorlax by Dominosaur Catching Snorlax :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 182 31 Smash Bros by Dominosaur Smash Bros :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 137 23 Kirb Stomp by Dominosaur Kirb Stomp :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 117 28 How My Imagination Works by Dominosaur How My Imagination Works :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 104 23 My Robot Earth by Dominosaur My Robot Earth :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 16 27 SPLATOON COVER ART REVEALED by Dominosaur SPLATOON COVER ART REVEALED :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 63 29 Sonic Boom by Dominosaur Sonic Boom :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 729 123 Cat Toad by Dominosaur Cat Toad :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 171 26 Mario 3D World by Dominosaur Mario 3D World :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 201 51 Pikmin 16 by Dominosaur Pikmin 16 :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 228 35 Pikmin 15 by Dominosaur Pikmin 15 :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 229 65 All Natural Best Friends by Dominosaur All Natural Best Friends :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 90 24 Pikmin 14 by Dominosaur Pikmin 14 :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 200 69 the Cosmic Luigi by Dominosaur the Cosmic Luigi :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 75 16


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Pikmin 17
The idea for this was originally created when I wanted to draw a Bulborb riding a bike haha the idea just wouldn't stop popping into my head when I saw one so I finally just decided to make a comic about it. It felt good to make a Pikmin comic after so long! In fact I think this is the first one that wasn't done in Windows/MS Paint which used to take me hours to look right I think I've fainted.   ANYWAYS do any of you guys still play Pikmin, or are you looking forward to the supposedly promised Pikmin 4? I'm always up for another one Khaled 
Sonic Logic
This is a comic that I've been thinking about making for a while. It wasn't really that it took me a long time to come up with, but I just never knew when the right time to make it would be haha.
So what are your thoughts on the new Sonic game coming up? I'm curious, but not yet convinced that it'll be good Sonic Hooba Dooba 
(if you're curious about why the sig says "swirlagon" read the description of my last post :) )
Catching Snorlax
Hey guys I'm back! Well, for now at least. I've been posting all of my comics and artwork onto Instagram, so if you want to follow me there then you can look me up! My user name is Swirlagon, and my icon looks similar to the one I use for this account haha. You'll notice that this comic has the signature "swirlagon" haha because I posted it on IG first. However, over the next week or so I'll be uploading exclusive (and non-exclusive) comics here so that I give my original audience a few laughs before I make the move. When I'm done uploading here then I'll post a journal saying thank you and a picture saying that I've moved (for the people that don't read descriptions lol). I'm also in the process of making a website so if you don't have an IG you can follow me there if you want!

So this is my first Pokemon comic! Who's your favorite Pokemon? :D (Big Grin) 
I want Marvel and DC to have a crossover on the big screen, but only so that I can see Poison Ivy give birth to Groot's children. That's it.


Dominosaur's Profile Picture
United States
My name is Dominosaur. In real life. I guess my parents thought it would just be hilarious if--no actually I'm kidding, but I'm not sharing my name with you just yet. In my spare time I'm going to be making comics of videogames to trying to brighten your day. If they contain cussing the words are censored, but you can connect the dots as to what they say. I'm a busy high-school student with a social life so don't be surprised if I disappear for a week or so.

If you have any suggestions or requests for games that you want me to make fun of*cough*make comics of let me know!
I don't do anime or anything strictly Japanese. I'm just not into it. Sorry.
I'm going to try to upload a new comic or picture every other day for now.



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